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Airport Minibus

Welcome to Chester, a town in Cheshire, England, the home of tourism and hospitality, rich in both natural and manmade wonders. With so many attractions in sight, Chester offers visitors a taste of beauty and elegance. You want to see nature’s home? Then you want to come to Chester.


Chester has some of the finest hotels and relaxation homes in the whole of England, offering the greatest comfort and experience money can buy. Best Western Premier Queen Hotel, Mil Hotel and Spa Destination are two of the many hotels in Chester that would give you that mind blowing experience you have always wanted.


This is where Chester really glows. It is a small town, with unbelievable attraction centers. The Cheshire Oaks Outlet is Chester’s fashion center, where you can purchase your favorite British designer labels. It is UK’s largest fashion outlet; you haven’t come to Chester if you didn’t visit the Oaks. There’s also the famous and historic Chester Cathedral. Primarily a place of worship but also represents many things to many people, depending on who is looking. There is also the Chester zoo and Chester Rows you could visit and see some beautiful sights.

There is going to be a female fashion show in Chester from, 11th July 2015 all the way to 1st February 2017, it is obviously going to be something very big, with people coming from all parts of Britain and the world for the show. So if you are in town and you need safety and comfort on wheels, then Chester Coach Hire services is the one for you. With years of experience in the business of transportation, Chester Coach Hire offers you both safety and comfort. Minibus hire in Chester can’t be any better with the best name in the business right there at the heart of the town. If you are coming in from the airport, you can visit our website at and give us your details and where you would like us to come and pick as well as drop you off. Through our website, you can give us all the details needed to get you the vehicle that suits your need properly. We can be your only means of transportation throughout you stay in Chester, offering you unwavering services and excellence. We offer the best services out there and below are some of the proof for it.

  • First and foremost, we have a special customer care agents whose jobs are to take you questions over the phone, whether you need a minibus hire in Chester or you just want to ask some questions. They are always there to tend to you
  • When you call and give us quotation on the specifications of your travels, it gives us the chance to offer you the best, by getting the vehicle that matches your need perfectly.
  • Our vehicles are always thoroughly before heading out to pick a client because we are serious about what we do and that is to offer excellent transport services
  • We offer any kind of land transport services to legitimate clients.

Welcome to Chester and please visit our website and give us a quotation today.