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Minibus Hire Chester

The City of Chester was a Roman colony, centuries ago, but now it’s one of the beautiful and walled cities in of Britain. It’s a place full of life and great attraction to see and learn more about the local’s rich history. Given there is a lot you definitely need to explore once you are there, this warrants hiring one of the best Chester Coast Hire services in the city.

Chester Coach Hire is a prestigious minibus hiring company that will cater to all your travel needs as a group. Whether it’s in the company of friends, colleagues or family, our minibus hire in Chester packages are quite subsidised to ensure you find what you want. We not only give the best price in the market, we also provide a highly experienced driver who will act as your tour guide for the day.

Things to Do in Chester

Given the pre-historic influence from the Romans, expect to see some of the dazzling architectural designs from the medieval age. There are also Victorian restoration buildings that both juxtapose and compliment the Roman designs.

Once you arrive at the airport and we provide you with an expedient Chester Coach Hire, we recommend driving down to the Chester Cathedral as your first tourist thrill. Marvel at the beautifully crafted exterior with strategic towers at the top that has managed to stand the test of time. Enter the inside and you are equally dazzled by the accurate symmetry, glistening stained glass windows, and the allure of polished mural floors. In this charming environment you can get to learn of the religious history of Chester as the events unfolded chronologically.

Later on, head over to the Chester Roman Amphitheatre which is the largest Roman Arena in Britain. Walk around the ruins as you reconnect with the lives of the gladiators who once entertained the emperors and crowds of cheering fans. A lot of archaeological excursions still go on at the ruins, so you may have a chance to glimpse at real artefacts that give you some rich history of this great arena.

As you cruise in our luxurious mini coach, you cannot pass the chance to visit the Chester Castle, located next to the walls that gate the city. The Castle still boasts of its pristine Agricola Tower preserved through the years, and well-thought architectural design that dives the castle into two; the inner and out bailey. Just next to the castle and the walls is the great River Dee flowing majestically.

Upcoming Events in Chester

Besides the sightseeing, Chester is also a great city that houses a lot of cultural events. Coming up on the 16th of August is the Hoots Route exhibition, which will be unveiling (for the first time ever)some of the interesting artefacts found in the Grosvenor Museum vaults. If you will be in the city this September, don’t miss out on the Chester Duck race—an exhilarating event where thousands of coloured rubber ducks race down River Dee to raise money for the Babygrow Appeal.

For the fashion lover, there is a big chance to watch some of the greatest fashion statements from the Sixties at Chester. The Minis and More Female Fashion show will be running from 2015-2017 showcasing the works of contemporary designers inspired by the 60s.

Choose Chester Coach Hire

We not only provide state-of-the-art luxurious cruise coaches, we make sure you have a trustworthy driver with you to show you around. All our drivers are experienced and know their way around Chester; so be assured of using the shortest routes possible to get to sites and events faster. We have adequate insurance cover to take care of any road incidences so that you can relax and enjoy the trip with nothing to worry.

If you are looking for minibus hire in Chester, visit our website to get the best affordable packages for travelling groups. All you need is to book and the mini coach will be availed to you with all requested amenities.